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November 29, 2013


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tumblr mr3triP08B1rx92ngo1 500 by AqemyChan

„H-Hey!Hey wake up!”
A roughly shake that woke me up from my slumber.
„wh-what’s...going on?” I murmured,opening my eyes up just like a baby when he sees his mother for the same time.But this time was different.There seemed like no warmth of a close person.It was a cold aura radiating from a stranger.Someone that didn’t seem familiar to me.
A blinding light shoved deep into my eyes,just like it was struggling to warm me up with its rays,the moment they opened.
I found myself laying on a dusty cracked up ground.It was an unknown place i have never seen before in my life.
Wide opening my eyes i contemplated the surroundings that encircled me.
Rubbing my [e/c] eyes i dared to look at the handsome boy in front of me.He looked like a tall,thin figure of a light-brown haired man.His yellow eyes glared into mine for a few moments as he kneeled down.Behind him there was a standing guy.He looked like a mountain to me.He was huge ,muscular and he had a very short blonde hair.I coudn’t see his eyes but i’m sure they were not happy to see me just by noticing how he cross-handed his arms.
Then they both changed their facial expressions.They started staring at me just like they saw a woman naked for the first time.
„Hey are you hurt?”Asked the brown haired man.
„Wh-who are you?” I shyly asked hiding my eyes before my bangs and pulling  my hand out of his.”Why are you..did grandpa send you here?”I continued watching his facial features trying to recognize him in my head.
They both looked at eachother.
„I’m Jean Kirchtein and this is Reiner Braun.We are soliders from Survey Corps” He said.
„Survey..what?”I asked bewildered.
„We’re in Wall Rose,also what’s wrong with your look?”Reiner murmured.
„Are you lost?What’s your name?” Jean Asked me friendly grinning.
„I-I’m [name]”I said then looking at Reiner i continued „ And what’s wrong with my look?”I asked confused pulling my hand through my hair just to see its colour one more time to make sure it was alright.
„It’s like..knee’s...[green/purple/light blue/other strange hair colours] „ Reiner continued staring at me with his face covered in disgust.
They both came closer to me still staring with their greedy eyes.
„Also your eyes don’t look normal.Why are they [red/purple/pink/other strange eye colours]”Jean asked anxiously sweating and scratching the back of his head.
„...and her breasts are huge..”Reiner continued slowly curling up his lips into a smirk pointing out at my chest.
„Wh-at?!”I flinched and took a few steps backwards crimson red painting my cheeks.”Y-you perverts!”I shouted putting my hands on my chest to hide it a little bit.
„Oi horse face what’s going on?”This sharp voice was comming from not too far away from us.It was a handsome guy with dark brown hair and glaring turquoise eyes riding a huge muscular horse.
„Wh-who’s that?” He stopped for a moment all of them staring at me.
What’s wrong with me?I spoke to myself .
„She’s [name]”Jean said watching me with the corner of his eyes.
„I’m Eren Jager”He proudly said walking closer to me.
„Let’s take her to the base”reiner nervously said as he lifted me up with his huge hands.
„Wh-oah mister wait why are you touching me?Take your hands off me you vicious pile of trash!”I panicked hitting his head with my elbows
„Oi Jean what’s the matter with her?Why does she look like this?”Eren whispered to Jean.
„that’s what we were wondering too” He whispered back carefully not letting words slip out too far
„Guys what’s going on her—oh...”I heard a thin male voice comming from ebhind.All of us looked at him.
„Oi Armin”Eren greeted him with a warm smile.”We found [name] here.”Then whispering to armin”She is strange,she doesn’t look like other average women.Better take her to the  base „
Armin gulped and faced me:
„Hello,i’m Armin”He smiled.Even if i didn’t know him he looked like a very friendly guy
„Oh my..”i blushed staring at him”You are soooooooooo cute!”I exclaimed awwing.
„T-thanks..!”His cheeks turned red.”H-hey do you mind if you go with us to the base?Are you hungry?We have food here.You can befriend the other females too!” He calmly said taking my hand and helping me to take on the horse with him
„Damn this shota and his sex appeal”Reiner madly said as he rode his horse after Armin and me.
Long title huh?
So this is part 1
I wasn't sure who'm i'd combine this reader with but i decided there should be multiple ones!I hope you like ^-^
Part 2 comming soon ;D
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